My Mission Statement

My work of sharing natural health is an important way in which God is caring for human beings and renewing his world! Jesus was sent to bind up the brokenhearted and release captives from darkness. (Isaiah 61) He then commissioned his followers to do the same. Sharing these gifts with others opens that door to wholeness and assists people in seeing the goodness and mercy of their Creator. Our bodies WANT to heal. It's how they are intelligently designed. There IS hope and freedom! You must simply take the first step.


If you look around and see a human need not being met and you discover a resource that can meet the need - you invest your resources at your own will so that the need is met and the result is new jobs, better quality of life and glimpses of the Kingdom, why would you not?! God leveraged his resources to create a whole world of new life. It's a joy to be a functional part of His plan.

Where it began...

I was introduced to essential oils in January of 2015. I was sick and a friend was kind enough to bring me some peppermint oil. I kind of thought she was a hippie but I was miserable and willing to try anything. It had such a profound effect on me and later, on my children that I knew I needed to get some of my own to experiment with! We continued to have amazing results that helped us deal with some ongoing concerns. My erratic emotional state, my daughters sensory issues, mom’s achy knees and all over immune support to name a few. I knew these were GIFTS from God and I couldn’t wait to tell people what I had discovered.

Years later, this scenario and many like it have played out in MILLIONS of people’s lives. doTERRA is revolutionizing the way we do life! This is integrative healthcare. This is a revolution!! We are empowered with safe, effective choices. I want this for you, too. YOU have options. YOU have hope.


It is my goal to reach people who want change. So many are tired of traditional methods that are simply not working. The beautiful thing is that anyone can use these oils either as stand alone remedies or in conjunction with modern approaches. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! I can’t wait to walk you through this journey. You will be supported and empowered.

It is my passion and I consider it an honor.”


- Andree

Andree Johnson

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