Why Essential Oils?

Plants are our first line of defense!

Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds distilled from plants. They act as a defense mechanism to keep that plant healthy. They do the same for us! Essential oils effectively communicate with our cells to bring the body into balance, like a beautiful symphony!

Because of the purity of doTERRA's essential oils, they are safe for the entire family.

There are no side effects. Essential oils can provide vast benefits to your wellness as a stand alone remedy or as a compliment to modern approaches.

You have SO MANY options!

And I can help!

Back to the Basics

As a culture, we have forgotten how to use our intuition. We no longer trust our bodies to do the healing they're designed to do. We have handed over our power to a complex healthcare system. But people are waking up. They are learning and educating themselves. doTERRA now has 8 million wholesale customers taking their healthcare into their own hands. This is a perfect fit for those looking for compliments to the modern healthcare approach or to the one who wants to do things 100% naturally. It's all about empowerment! People want choices!  

In January 2015, I bought my first set of oils and immediately knew these were for ME! I began learning, experimenting and building my business right away. I love that you can't mess it up! The oils, the business. They're both so simple and life changing! 

I have 3 awesome kids and a stellar husband of 16 years! We live in Portland, Oregon where we were both born and raised. Just this year we decided to discontinue Public School and start our homeschooling adventure! Stay tuned for heartfelt blogs on that! 

I have a passion for helping people realize that they have options. To step out of fear and into abundance. I believe we serve a powerful God who wants to bless us. Because of my faith and my family, I am 1.5 years sober from alcohol and seeing clearly what I was meant to do here in this world. Love people. Rebuke fear. Bring people together in community. It's the best.

Andree is fantastic! She is a wealth of knowledge and insight and her first goal is always her clients' health and well being. She is the perfect blend of professional and invested friend and has taken the time to answer all my questions about things ranging from immune support to pets and oils and has a resource/article for all of them. Best of all she loves what she does and her joy is utterly contagious!

Bethany S. Portland, Oregon

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