What IS an essential oil?

Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds distilled or cold-pressed from plants. Essential oils are the plant’s protection. So when we use them, they do the same for us as our bodies are created to thrive when using plant material. They interact directly with our cells to provide us with health benefits that affect all body systems. A beautiful symphony! Despite the new excitement around oils, they have been used since the beginning of time in food preparation, beauty practices, aromatherapy and healthcare practices.

3 Simple Ways To Use Oils


When you inhale an essential oil, the molecules directly interact with your brain! Our sense of smell is so powerful! Aromatic use is the quickest way to affect your mood. Some oils relieve stress, provide calming effects while others are more energizing and stimulating. You choose!

You can simply take a drop in your hands and breathe it in or put the essential oils in a diffuser and enjoy the aroma in your home, your car or your workplace.


Applying oils to your skin is very effective for all ages! They absorb quickly and circulate throughout your body to provide support throughout your entire body within minutes. You can choose to use a carrier oil to slow dilute the oils and make it easier to spread the oils out or massage into specific problem areas. The feet and the spine are my favorite ways to use the oils topically for our entire family. So effective!


Because of the purity and amount of testing doTERRA does on their oils, they are the only brand I recommend using internally. Internal usage can provide powerful cleansing benefits and digestive support to your entire body. I must stress that ONLY doTERRA oils can be used internally because of the rigorous 3rd party testing done. They publish the results of their testing online at sourcetoyou.com for the consumers to see and have absolute certainty of their product.  

Most Popular oils


For all things red, hot and irritated. Ear aches, burns, skin irritation, crazy emotions, sleep aid.


Cooling, refreshing, invigorating. Opens airways, soothes tension in head/neck/headaches. Brings body temp back to normal when needed.


Cleansing, crisp, clean. I clean with it, add it to my water, promotes healthy blood pressure and helps body eliminate toxins.


Cleansing, immune support, cold sore relief, funky nails, scalp health, smooth complexion, lice prevention, earaches. 


Promotes a healthy response to inflammation in the brain and body, focus, mood support, smooth skin, scars, pain, proper cellular function. Add to your facial moisturizer, a drop under the tongue for daily cellular support, diffuse for grounding experience.


Amazing for digestive health when used internally. I use this every time we feel under the weather to help fight off yuckies! Always dilute when applying to the skin as it's a hot oil. Warts, tags, moles.

Deep Blue

Soothing blend! Perfect after workouts to soothe sore muscles, joints & backs! Apply anywhere that hurts along with some coconut oil. Apply heat to open your pores and intensify the effects!


Our Protective blend! Keep everyone in your house healthy and immune systems running properly by diffusing this daily, applying it topically and even taking it internally. Daily doses is the key to prevention. And it smells like fall!


Our Respiratory blend. Inhale a drop from your hands or diffuse to open your airways, increase oxygen flow and ease congestion. Perfect for seasonal stuffiness due to pollens as well as when feeling under the weather.

Digest Zen

Everything digestion related! Indigestion, heartburn, nausea, tummy troubles. Great for kids, too! Put 1 drop under the tongue, add a drop to an ounce of water or simply apply topically to the belly for fast relief.

Lifelong Vitality Pack

These supplements are really important. They are our #1 product for a reason!

Did you know that 95% of the vitamins on the market are synthetic? Meaning, they were made in a lab by a human? Our bodies do NOT know what to do with those.


doTERRA has developed this beautiful vitamin pack that is highly absorbable whole food and fish oils! Our bodies thrive when fueled properly. These have made the biggest difference in my mood and overall energy. Lifelong Vitality should be a baseline for every BODY and using the oils just makes everything better. My husband and daughter now take them as well. We will never stop! If you want to make the biggest difference in your health, try them for a month. There’s even a money back guarantee!

Andree Johnson


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